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greasybob 08-01-2018 05:21 PM

GM 24 Month Access
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hmmmm...? It seems the fine print has changed. What I once thought was unlimited access for 24 months to the vehicle that you paid the subscription for really isn't so unlimited. It used to say you had 24 months to program all the modules on that vehicle. It now has been clarified to say that the number of programming events cannot exceed the number of modules on the vehicle. So qualifies as a programming event ? Per down load ? Per times you log on for that vehicle. This wouldn't be a problem except that I repair a few lightning strikes every year and these flashes can add up if things don't go according to plans.

ToltecasChavez 08-02-2018 06:58 AM

Yeah, found out the first day they changed the rules. Called GM to make them clarify what they were doing. I believe I posted it somewhere in a thread here. But glad they fixed it on their website. So yeah, if you buy sps for lets say a 1998 chevy whatever, that car could have only engine as a programming option. Once you program the PCM, that's it. No more SPS for that car. Since you used the one and only programming slot. Now a 2010 Chevy whatever could have 10 modules that you can flash. So you get 10 tries to flash which ever module you want in the list. It's not like you get 1 try for each module. Once you used up the 10 slot or tries, whatever you want to call it, then session for that car is DONE. I have about 5 VIN's that are active because I only flashed 1 or 2 modules. So I have a few tries before the sessions are done. So I have 24 months to use those tries, if I don't, then it'll expire. But its a pain in the butt bc there's no way I'm gonna program those cars again in the future. They really covered themselves to make sure people don't make money like they use to. Now with tied VIN's, you only make profit on that one car. But if you use up all ur tries, then you gotta pay again. LOL. Thanks to all those who abused it and now we all pay.

diesel71 08-02-2018 08:04 AM

Thanks to all those who abused it and now we all pay.

I believe this is what happened:D

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