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Default SSC slow to open folders

Hello Rich and thanks for the reply. I just got a new Edge coming from a pro which was running 17.2 and I believe the most current version of SSC. I migrated all my history to the Edge so it's opening the same number of files it did on my pro. I do have a lot of files I'll admit, over 2000 recorded scanner movies. I just started SSC and opened the scanner data folder and it took 19 minutes to see the file list. Once the folder opens the individual files open fine when requested. On a similar topic when I backed up all my files from the pro to the Edge the data manager shows all the files in each selection as the week beginning November 26/2017. Checking the files in Windows file manager and they all have their original dates attached. Maybe I'll try to remove and reinstall SSC. Windows file manager opens each folder in a blink with virtually no delay.
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