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Originally Posted by Glide View Post
I wouldn't recommend using a VPN,you want the correct software for your geographic location.Your Opel Insignia probably doesn't exist in North American Operations,but will in European Operations.
I don't know what you are using for an interface,but some Opels can only be programmed with Tech 2.This is something you should verify before purchasing a subscription.The help desk should be able to tell you.

Here is a link to a thread where I had issue with a Opel manufactured car. >
I'll use an MDI for programming.
I'm not sure there is a specific SW for Europe. Maybe just the maps for navigation.
Regarding help desk, of course I didn't tell them about the VPN, and they "adviced" me to purchase the only option available, "35 Euros for 2 Hours"

Also, the help desk didn't have any answer to this:

"what's the difference between:
- Diagnostic Software - Level 1 TIS (Diagnostic Software)
- GDS2 (Global Diagnostic System - Global Diagnostic Package) - Level 1 TIS (GDS2 Global Diagnostic Package)

And also between:
- SPS Programming Software (from 01.05.2018) SPS Programming Software
- Service Information, Programming Software (TIS) - Level 1 "

Maybe somebody here can clarify this.
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