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Chrysler Programming

Or you can do this.Uninstall all versions of Java first. Download Java 8 update 121 for 32 bit systems even if you have a 64bit computer(64bit Java does not work with techauthority) Install Java 8 120. once installed, add " om"to the exception site list in the security section of the Java control panel. open techauthority and try to download files again. you should get a Java pop up asking for permission. agree to the permission request and try to download the file again. you should see a pinwheel and then a files downloaded successfully message displayed. If you don't get a Java pop up when you 1st attempt the download, make sure you have disabled any pop-up or anti-virus software(including Windows Defender) If flash files are successfully downloaded, a folder named Low will be created. You can find the folder at C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Temp\Low
Thanks, That's good information to know. Have to rant, that it seems kind of ridiculous for High tech automobile companies on the cutting edge of performance and concerned about car security and hacking , at the same time to do the programming on their cars requires downgrading to an earlier OS, using Internet Explorer version ?, an earlier version of Java, disabling Firewall and anti virus protection. That is a security risk to our important information and might cause issues with other programs you run on the laptop that require newer version of Java in 64 bit. I remember Windows 7 had XP mode and wish I could just tell Windows 10 Whoretana to just open a File or program in Old Sh@t Mode and everything just be backward compatible with a few selections and work off Windows 10. Almost seems like you need to dedicate $ to hunt and find old working rare windows 7 Pro 32 bit laptop for each make of car you plan to J box program with because the programs often can't co-exist together on the same laptop.

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