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Default Solus Edge Recent Update Failed...HELP!!!

Hello everyone,

I had the stock microSD card take a hit on me. NO, I don't have a back-UP, was robbed of my backups on a USB, grrrr....

So I got a new microSD card. Formatted it thru the SolusEdge without a problem. I then, updated my SOLUS Edge through Shop Stream Connect. Shop Stream connected, updated, and installed the following:

- BundleName=16.2
- BuildNumber=

Unplugged the USB cable and rebooted. Upon reboot, I got a black screen with a beeping noise that reads "Software update failed". I also have a "Clock not set" error. I am able to get to the Service Menu by holding no,yes, & power buttons. The Service Menu has Utilities & ALTPRG13. When clicking on the Utilities option I have all 3 options: Connect to PC, Format uSD, and Prepare uSD for Recovery. I can still connect to the PC fine and see the SOLUSEDGE on the PC and through ShopStream. When I click on ALTPRG13 from the Service Menu the only option is to shut down. I'm not sure if the time issue is causing this or not. Is there any way to reset the time? I also might be missing files, but I tried to update twice already with the same results "Software update failed" with the clock issue as well. I have uploaded pics of the data on the microSD card and of the screen from the SOLUE Edge.

If anyone has encountered this problem before and has a fix or possibly the missing files, any help is much appreciated.
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