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Originally Posted by Crusty View Post

Ultimately, when the 'net is down, or not even available, it's just you-n-me, in the bay, with the car broken, and a solution needed. A reliable and secure solution, right away. Not in an hour or two, not in a day or two, not in a week or two, but NOW.

If our equipment can't provide that it isn't worth the price of a roll of toilet paper.
Unfortunately, the way things are going, everything that's now locally installed on your PC's hard drive or in this case, the scan tool will be internet based only. There will be no local installations of programs...only internet based programs. There will be a basic software operating system installed on your device that can only access internet based programs that will require subscriptions. Once everything has cellular connectivity or satellite based internet connection, those will be the only way you will be able to access those programs and the information.
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