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Default Radkitplusa coolant system vacuum filler

So i used my radkitplusa today and it worked great. Vacuum gauge went up to 25, filled the system, discounted to test drive the vehicle, found out the radiator was clogged, replaced the radiator, went to fill the system again and realized the radkit gauge was still stuck on 25, even after it was discounted, cleaned out, and put away. Used it again just to get the vehicle back up and running, gauge still stuck at 25. Jus went by the hoses collapsed before started refilling. Even under vacuum the gauge never went up, never went down during refill. Cleaned it out again after second usage and its still stuck at 25.

Whats going on with this thing? I bought it used and this was the first time using it. Everything worked great the first time using it, except the gauge never dropped down/returned to 0. Is there any way to fix this or is it junk?
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