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Old 11-15-2018, 10:18 PM
GypsyR GypsyR is offline
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GypsyR Congratulations!  Your peers have given you enough reputation to put you into the fist level!


Kind of just looks like a "complaint" thread, but anyways.

One of the "most commonly" accessed clickables they have chosen to persistently stay on the top area where you scan the different modules is "oil specs". I asked and no one in the shop has ever clicked that at all or for that matter cares about it at all. I clicked it once and it bumbled on about not being able to connect to the internet and I just hit cancel. I'd REALLY like to at least relegate that one to the bottom of the pile where it's not in my way and is more easily ignored. I'd really like for those modules not to be organized by "most commonly used" anyway. I had that on an older car that only had a total of six modules. Six. I really needed those to be split into the most and least commonly used. Yep, they were.

I connected to a car and realized it had reminded me and forced me to click through it reminding me that I needed to actually be connected to the car to read codes and stuff. Thanks. Appreciate the heads up. Don't mind that I've been scanning cars for years and do it many times a day. Connect it to the car and THEN read the codes you say? I'll be darned.

I looked into the Altus and see how other shops are actually finding it useful. It doesn't fit anywhere into our current mode of business though. Thank you for making it easy to ignore it and not forcing us to have to work around it or anything. That's a very good thing. An added value option we don't happen to need or want easily put to the side. Good design.
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