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Old 06-30-2018, 10:28 AM
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Default OBD1 and Snap-On MT2500 vs Bluepoint Microscan III


I have a Snap-On MT2500 with a few obd1 & obd2 adapters and cartridges.

When the Snap-On MT2500 is used with a OBD1 Jeep-1 connector on a Renix Jeep (1989 and similar years) it's able to produce live readout.

I'm looking at a Bluepoint Microscan III scanner that's capable of OBD1 when used with Snap-On OBD1 15-pin adapters via an Microscan III to 15-pin obd1 cable. p/n EAX0069L15A. There is also a Microscan III OBD1 kit (EAK0302L03A with obd1 adapters) that includes this cable.

Once I have the cartridge MT2500-1099 that supports obd1 I'm going to connect the MT-2500 to an 88 Ford E-150 (EEC-IV) to see if it's able to also produce live readout. Perhaps this feature is dependent on the ecu/pcm?

Before purchasing a Bluepoint Microscan III I'm wondering how it's OBD1 compares to Snap-Ons MT-2500? Would be the same sort of obd1 capabilities?

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Old 06-30-2018, 02:15 PM
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Good luck with an 88 Ford, If I remember there wasn't really much you could see with live data pids on Fords until into early 90s . Scan tools like Super Star2 tester before NGS pretty much just screeched and beeped and sh@t out a bunch of number codes and p@ssed me off because GM and Chrysler scan tools at the time gave live data pids and then after that Ford electronics advanced rapidly and blew everyone else into the weeds
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Old 06-30-2018, 03:26 PM
user00293 user00293 is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2014
Posts: 23
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I saw a video with a Snap-On MT2500 connected to a 89 Renix Jeep using a Jeep-1 adapter and was impressed with it's live readout.

However as you said Ford must have been behind other manufactures during obd1 and pre-obd1 years.

GM in OBD1 era did have a pre-obd2 ecu's that used an ALDL interface and iirc did provide live readout.

There are different hardwares and softwares that connect to ALDL ports.

Assembly Line Diagnostic Link ALDL is a proprietary on-board diagnostics system developed by General Motors prior to the standardization of OBD-2.

Anyway I'll see what sort of OBD1 functions and features there are using a MT2500 connected to a 88 Ford. Most likely there won't be any live data.

I did have an Innova 3140 connected to a 92 Ford E-350 and don't remember ever seeing any live data only various tests such as a test for each cylinder, etc.

OBD1 is normally very limited however there are exceptions such as with Renix Jeeps and perhaps a few other vehicles.

OEM scanners a normally too expensive. A scanner that thoroughly performs tests and diagnostics with my OBD2 Jeep is a Chrysler DRB-3 Scanner. The handheld version new starts at $6,000.00.

Older Chrysler vehicles used a DRB-2 scanner.
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Old 07-02-2018, 03:15 PM
user00293 user00293 is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2014
Posts: 23
user00293 Congratulations!  Your peers have given you enough reputation to put you into the fist level!

Default Pre-OBD1 such as Renix and others

Here's the video of live readout and an 89 Renix Jeep. Which appears to be ahead of OBD1 for it's time? I'm not certain if obd1 Jeeps are capable of live readout or not?

A Renix Jeep is an AMC Jeep as Jeep's ownership has changed over it's lifetime and currently is owned by Fiat Chrysler .

The Renix computer was first used on 1986 AMC 2.5 L four-cylinder engines. The system improved the drivability of the Jeep Cherokee and Comanche over carbureted models. The power increase was also noticeable. The Renix system was used through the 1990 model year.

So a 1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ is considered to be a Renix Jeep. Computer systems varied somewhat as later years were obd1 and obd2. 96 being a transition year to obd2

For Jeep it's basically

RENIX - 87-90
OBD1 - 91-95
OBD2 - 96-01

So I can't say for certain even though a 89 Renix Jeep has live readout you would be able to find live readout with a 91 - 95 OBD1 Jeep.

I remember reading that some 96 Jeeps, perhaps manufactured earlier in 96, use OBD1 instead of obd2.

Anyway here's a link to a video that shows capabilities of using a Snap-On MT2500 connected to a 89 Renix Jeep. However I don't know for certain if a BluePoint Microscan III also supports pre-obd1 such as Renix. The only description for the Bluepoint is it does OBD1 when used with the correct OBD1 adapter(s).

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