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Old 07-10-2018, 09:41 AM
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i purchased a slightly use pre-owned III that still had the plastic cover on the LCD screen.

However when I connected it to a 98 Jeep and went into live data mode it took forever to load live data. Slower than an Innova 3140 I use to have and slower than my MT2500.

Another problem I ran into is I've haven't yet found any method to save a customized live data screen. Previous scanners I've own one could save at least one customized live data display.

While trying to customize the screen the Microscan III would sometimes lock up and to respond to the touch screen so needed to disconnect and re-connect the obd2 connector.

My Jeep's PCM doesn't have an OBD2 read VIN function. So I'm thinking the Microscan III may behave differently if it's able to determine the VIN?

When used with a 98 OBD2 Jeep there are no vehicle specifics that the scanner aware of such as vehicle manufacture, make, model, engine, etc.

I think perhaps one can pickup an obd2 scanner for around ~$50.00 that works better than the Microscan III as far as loading and displaying live data and DTCs, clearing codes, etc.

I also notice the response of changes of live data such as rpms, etc. seemed to be slower that other scanners I've owned such as the Innova 3140 and Snap-On MT2500.

I'll check it out and test again, however I'm wondering if the scanner is defective or this is normal behavior?
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Old 07-10-2018, 10:09 AM
Witsend Witsend is offline
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I got a cheap basic Harbor Freight Cen-Tech OBDII +ABS for a quick generic codes , data and graphing. I can't imagine it would be worth my time to screw with the Rig A ma rowing a recording of a Pid to windows PC program just to see some crude graph from a POS code scanner larger on a Windows PC program.It's not going to turn a pid recording from cheap Turd scan tool into a high quality graphing meter or oscilloscope.
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Old 07-10-2018, 01:05 PM
user00293 user00293 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2014
Posts: 23
user00293 Congratulations!  Your peers have given you enough reputation to put you into the fist level!


I finally got the Microscan III working sort of. It started to connect and display the live data faster.

Yeah as far as generic OBD2 scanners are concerned the market is full them many with live data. I think you can find them for around ~$35.00 and less.

Some people are switching to a bluetooth or wifi elm327 OBD2 module and using it with the android phone or tablet. There are free and low cost OBD2 Android Apps online. So you can monitor OBD with your cell phone while driving. Some are more sophisticated than others.

e.g. OBD Fusion« is an app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

However I purchased the Microscan III to replace my broken Innova OBD1/OBD2 scanner I paid around $200.00 for years ago.

I have a couple of OBD1 vehicles an 88 and 92 Ford. I also help a friend that has a 92 OBD1 Cherokee Laredo. Also there are Renix Jeeps in production from 86 to 90 that use some sort of Renix (AMC/renault) computer that actually produces live readout using a Snap-On MT2500 scanner.

I'm going to test the OBD1 functionality of the Bluepoint Microscan III to determine if it's at least as good as the MT2500. (i'm waiting for the OBD1 cable to arrive which when purchased new by itself is around ~$40.00 with tax.) Snap-On OBD1 connector sets new can be expensive ranging from around $150.00 to over $350.00. Once in a while the $150.00 obd1 connector set is for sale online on ebay or other for around $80.00. There are similar OBD1 connectors from other scanner manufacture however I'm uncertain if any are compatible with Snap-Ons. Person here in the forum said it would be possible to brick you scanner trying to use another brand obd1 adapter. So far I've picked up a few Snap-On obd1 adapters that can be used with the MT2500 and also the Microscan III.

OBD1 functionality was one of the reason for purchasing the Microscan III.

As for having an actual scanner that is able to access the computer on any Chrysler vehicle you will need to spend around $6K new for a DRB-3 handheld scanner. I know people who own them and there an actual diagnostic scanner with lots of capabilities including reprogramming the PCM. I suppose you can find a used one for around ~$3K or less depends on how many attachments it has. There are other scanner manufactures that produce scanners with DRB-3 compatibly.

Yeah I don't know about the ShopStream Connect. They have photos and video online showing it doing all sorts of what appears to be analysis with high resolution graphs etc.

All so far I've seen it produce are some small low res bmp files.

Perhaps it's not worth the money Blue-Point asking new for it? Used ones have sold from around ~$110 to ~$150.00

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