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Old 07-11-2018, 10:17 AM
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Default Blue-Point Microscan III OBD1 Ford & others


I recently purchased a Blue-Point Microscan III (OBD2/OBD1) scanner and also it's OBD1 cable so to connect to OBD1 vehicles using Snap-On OBD1 adapters.

After connecting a FRD-1B MT2500-20B adapter with 12 volts power. The Microscan III doesn't turn on.

The vehicle is a 88 Ford E-150 with 5.0L V8 which uses a EEC-IV computer system.

I've tried Key-Off, Key-On and Key-On engine running.

Apparently the FRD-1B MT2500-20B adapter even though it has 12 volts power isn't able to supply any power to either of my OBD1 scanners.

If I connect a Snap-On MT2500 scanner I'm only able to get the scanner to turn on and stay on by holding down the power button. Once released the MT2500 turns off.

Using the MT2500 I'm able to read codes and perform several tests while holding it's pwr button. When when the OBD1 / OBC2 Microscan III is connected scanner doesn't turn on.

I'm assuming this is some sort of limitation of the scanners? or perhaps the FRD-1B adapter is faulty?

I did find a webpage from Snap-on's website about connecting to OBD1 vehicles. (Doesn't list either the MT2500 or the Microscan III.)

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Old 07-17-2018, 08:15 AM
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Join Date: Dec 2014
Posts: 23
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After looking through the manual of an earlier version of a Blue-Point Microscan scanner EESC717.

Even though AFAIK the EESC717 doesn't have any OBD1 from it's menu.

I found this about connecting the Microscan to OBD1 from the EESC171 manual.

3.3.1 Auxiliary Power Cables

The two auxiliary power cables are included with MICROSCAN are used for testing pre-1996 vehicles without battery power on the diagnostic connector. Optional data cable adapters, which work with the auxiliary power cables, are also needed to test these earlier vehicles.


The gray colored data cable adapters are designed exclusively for use with MICROSCAN. Red or black Snap-on adapters for VERUS, MODIS, SOLUS PRO and other Snap-on scantools are not compatible with MICROSCAN.

To use the auxiliary power cables on OBD-I vehicles:

1. Connect the required test adapter to the data cable.
2. Plug the small end of the Lighter Power Cable into the port on the test adapter.

I'm uncertain if EESC717 Microscan actually does OBD1 same as the EESC720?

Anyway from what's in the manual appears my Snap-On OBD1 connectors / adapters (black in color) aren't compatible with Blue-Point Microscan scanners.

Apparently one needs to purchase separate "grey" color Blue-Point OBD1 adapters which appear nearly identical except for the color.

The other thing is with the newer Microscan III, Blue-Point removed the battery. So in order to power on the Microscan III one needs to have power from the OBD connection or when connected to a PC from the USB port which is hidden by it's OBD cable connector. Your unable to have the usb and OBD cable connected at the same time.
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Old 07-17-2018, 01:58 PM
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It is normal for the MT2500 powering up by the 9V battery , to have to continue to holding the power button in to stay powered up.
Microscan 3 OBD1 adapter set only covers Ford, GM , Chrysler , and Toyota and costs $150 and probably doesn't include the $36 OBD 1 cable either, so when all is said and done with tax , you be into the Microscan III for another $200 dollars besides the Three or Four Hundred you pay for it and won't have the older Jeep Renix capability, Nissan, Hyundai, and a Plethora of other Turd Connectors you'll probably need once in a blue moon.
Six years ago I looked on local Craigslist bought myself for $400 an old decrepit working used MT2500 that had all the Domestic OBD1 and Euro Adapters with keys and a black cartridge with everything up to 2004 for Euro and 05 for Domestic coverage to do all the OBD1 and older OBD2 and my Chinaman tool does the rest. I don't need troubleshooter or most common replaced parts graphs, and only time my hand gets held is when the wife ain't in the mood

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