Mercedes Airmatic Suspension

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  • tony1963
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    • Nov 2014
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    Mercedes Airmatic Suspension

    Good afternoon members,

    I have an MT2500 that is pretty outdated as cars get more complicated. I am looking to move to a Solus since I service a lot of Mercedes vehicles with Airmatic suspension.

    Does the Solus support the features of Airmatic including raising/lowering the vehicle and "leveling" the ride with the ride height sensor signal?
  • Witsend
    • Nov 2012
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    I searched you tube and found some aftermarket scanners can actuate ABC (active body control). Search Mercedes Benz ABC Rodeo & Calibration on You Tube.
    I didn't see a Solus (or a Port Freight 08) being used in what I found on You tube. If I see one I'll have to check if my $999 Earl Chive Port Freight 08 can make it do the East LA moves, LOL
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    • Steve6911
      • Feb 2007
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      He is the coverage for 15.4 software, what it can do varies from year to year and model to model. I don't know what you work on so this is the best info I can give you



      • Witsend
        • Nov 2012
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        Checking page 60 and 61 of pdf . I don't see anything specifically listed as air suspension or active body control. Maybe falls under category of Active Service? , just codes and data for certain models so far
        Just be aware that If you do get an old original Solus platform, like the MT2500, the original Solus is no longer supported with new updates anymore, you can't create a back up CF card for it or buy a used replacement software off Ebay, (like you can get a used VCI cartridge for a MT2500 brick)So that pissed me off , so I sold old Solus and kept the brick for the old OBD1 and old Euro stuff .
        In all fairness the Snap On software coverage has been getting much better in the last few years, and usually the functions listed do work because it probably been field beta tested more beforehand by engineers before release to end users. , Snap On appears to has better customer support for their products, offers a trouble shooter, sure trak (while update current) , and a useful PC program called Shop Stream Connect. The Chinese ones seem to be getting more and more questionable software changes lately to avoid further lawsuits that some feel have caused functionality to suffer and the end users to become beta testers sending in data logs (error reports). At this time , if you are a bottom feeder like me for European cars I'm not that crazy about working on , but still see alot of . I would probably hold off on anything new, and look for a used DS 708 with intact software from 2014 for $400-$600 that still has the factory logos and just leave it be. From what I read , way more complaints about functionality after 2014
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