Gravity bleeding brakefluid 2005 Mustang

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  • Witsend
    • Nov 2012
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    Gravity bleeding brakefluid 2005 Mustang

    Thought I would try to get out as much of the old brake fluid as possible before replacing the rear brake calipers and tying up another body to press down on the brake pedal , so I would then install the new calipers after lunch after I see the fluid looks cleaner. I sucked out as much old fluid as possible from the reservoir and filled with clean. The drip rate was so slow that the reservoir level with the loosened cap, the level only dropped a quarter inch. I thought the brake hoses might be restricted inside , so I disconnected the metal lines from the hoses and still only a drip or two per minute. Brake pedal is decent and returns fully and wheels don't drag Can't understand why most other cars with ABS seem to gravity bleed fine but this 05 Mustang wants to be a Turd.
  • greasybob
    Senior Member
    • May 2008
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    You need a pressure bleeder. First time, every time, bled right, by yourself. You can even adapt an old radiator pressure tester to be bleeder if you can make some adapters. A Mustang probably doesn't have much drop in height from the master cylinder to the calipers, gravity can't do it's thing. The line maybe loops around some too. ABS pumps and master cylinder design may restrict the drip also