Merc a180 - W169vin - 640eng - 2005yr - P2355

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  • andybaz
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    • Apr 2009
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    Merc a180 - W169vin - 640eng - 2005yr - P2355

    merc a series - w169007 vin - 640.940 motor - 2005

    Hi all, just been asked to look, pluged in and pulled P2355:

    "2355 - check system exhaust gas recirculation control - The air mass cannot be regulated - The air air mass is too large"

    Clear the code and this comes back - engine idling - EGR position shows 5% on data, raised rpm and the EGR still shows 5%.

    Thinking remove inspect EGR to see if stuck seized in place, was also told possible ait induction pipe/unmetered measure air entering the intake system after turbo.

    Any view appreciated to work with - cheers Andy
    Toyota pro tech & ata
    PRESTATYN - RHYL - BUCKLEY & MOLD surrounding area plug in
  • Witsend
    • Nov 2012
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    With the scan tool, under active tests, can you command the EGR on and watch the EGR position and other relevant pids and see if idle changes or engine stalls?