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  • ally
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2022
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    hi i recently bought i ethos+ on its main screen it said it using software ver 15.4 yet when i connect to a car it says software must be registered and shows it for 30 seconds then it shows the software subscription for this selection has expired please renew subscription how can i fix this i heard this can be updated to ver 18 but dont know how to go about it i tried shop stream but it said no updates available any help would be appreciated
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  • Joe Rappa
    Snap-on DSD
    • Aug 2007
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    It sounds like the software was never initialized when it was sold. You might want to try asking a Franchisee if it can still be don, but I don't believe it is still possible. That software is 7 years outdated, and updates for the + ended a few years back. If I had to bet, it would be that you won't be able to do anything about this.
    You could always call Tech Support. 800-332-2526
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