Solus Ultra Corrupt SD card

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  • steve98uk
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2023
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    Solus Ultra Corrupt SD card


    Advice please - My sd card is corrupted so the solus wont read it -just sits at the page asking for the card to be inserted -

    What i have done so far -- Removed and replaced the sd card with a new one - formatted and run the sd card to enable the ultra to write the licence etc to the card - now just displays the usual connect to pc - format etc -
    Connected to pc ok - snapon says update available so downloaded and tried to restore - failed because the original files are not present on the new card?

    Asked the local rep to restore it back to how it was when bought - unable to complete due to clock needs re-setting? and needs to be sent to snap on for restore ? says cost would be approx 400? but can sell me a newer unit and take mine in px for around the same money -

    now it might be just me but my questions are - does any of the repair qoutes ring true?

    And can i send it back to snap-on myself?

    Any guidence welcome -

    I cant help but think hes after a sale here or i might be assuming -
  • Steve6911
    • Feb 2007
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    Try contacting tech support. I think this is the site for you

    For information or help regarding any Snap-on Tools products, or if you need to contact your local Snap-on Tools franchisee.