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Old 09-20-2022, 08:40 AM
08rangerdan 08rangerdan is offline
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Default verus d10 project

picked up a pretty complete diagnostic cart recently with a Verus d10 with a 2019 update. I am looking to preserve the original machine before I start tuning on it.

So before I get too involved, I am looking to clone the original hard drive to an SSD. without taking it apart just yet, is it a particular or specific SSD? or is it the same type and size used in a regular pc build?

I am also looking around on the forum for ways to ad a separate monitor for when its attached to the charge base. the base has a VGA port for a monitor but the embedded XP software wont allow monitor selection. found a write up from a member 'sbreland73' on the topic. looks to be a pretty promising mod, but from the amount of problems others had with the change I'm wondering if anyone polished a procedure on adding the remote monitor to the verus pro or verify his procedure was successful for current users.

my only problem I'm having with the functionality of the machine is the camera (not that it gets used at all). The camera button on the machine loads a black screen with some camera functions and states the 'camera is currently unavailable'. I have found the camera is usually, but not always accessible from the 'camera and printer' hardware section on the windows control panel. from there I'm able to function test the camera. but even then seems to be intermittently available.

when powering on the machine it gives me an option to 'restore the machine' by tapping the up arrow. if I were to do that, would it lose the current update? or would it still recognize the 19.4 update and erase all personal data only?

thanks for any insight
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Old 09-21-2022, 08:16 AM
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sbreland73 sbreland73 is offline
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Hello there, glad you found my post helpful! If memory serves correctly, the Verus D10 has a standard 2.5 inch HDD with SATA port. As far as the multi-monitor feature, I abandoned trying to use it, as it was a pain switching back and forth whenever I would grab the D10 from the charging dock. I believe I ended up choosing "clone monitor" mode, as that was the easiest to use. The newer Zeus and maybe the Verus Edge have a "multi-monitor" configurator utility by Snap-on installed already, though I have yet to exercise that feature. As for the version of software, the D: drive has a copy of whatever the last update was stored, and is supposed to re-install that version when performing a "system restore".
S. Breland
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Old 09-26-2022, 08:50 AM
08rangerdan 08rangerdan is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2022
Posts: 2
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I appreciate the reply! this forum is looking a little on the dead side so I wasn't hopeful of reaching you directly. I am working on cloning my HD this week and once that gets sorted I was going to start playing with the monitor selection. At the end of your thread you had the revised and working iegt file in a .txt file. over time it seems the link must no longer work. I was wondering if you still had that .txt some place to send me. if I interpret the thread correctly something changed in the file after you created the mod and some resolution settings were missing, as more lines seemed to be needing changed. I'm hoping if something goes wrong with the coding that a system restore would at least bring me back to the original configuration without losing my update version
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Old 01-24-2023, 05:55 PM
spinellib spinellib is offline
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Default System Restore does not lose the current update

I picked up a used Verus Pro off ebay. It took almost 5 minutes to boot up!
After deleting some unnecessary software such as the HP printer suite, the unit still took over 3 minutes to boot with a delay with every click. Just a real slow machine.

I did the System Restore, which took about 30 minutes, and everything was good -- no loss of updated software. The 16.4 version was still there and working. Boot time to full software suite load improved to 2:14.

Cloned the 250GB disk drive to a 240GB Crucial BX500 SSD. Boot time with new SSD went down to 1:28.

I have another Verus Pro with 20.2 and a new SSD. Total Boot time is just 1:03. Not sure why, but it could be the 20.2 is just a more efficient, streamlined update than 16.4.

*Suggestion: Always clone disks out of the machine, using another PC via USB/caddy, rather than installed in the unit you want to upgrade or backup. Doing so will decrease the chance of a failed cloning process.

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