Snap ON Mt2500 Ford Explorer 91 - 94

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  • Cawe
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2019
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    Snap ON Mt2500 Ford Explorer 91 - 94

    Hello. I have a small problem with a snap on and connection to Ford live data.

    I know that explorer has data + and data - lines. I checked Ford - 1A adapter and it don t have connection to data + so It can t connect to live data. What adapter should I use to have data + and - ? I really want to have live data
    Maby someone known a diagram of primary connector of snap on so I can use universal cables to connect it to data + and - ?.

    Best reagrds
  • tech25
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2017
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    always put the make model and year when asking about a specific car.

    i would read though the us domestic diagnostic manual from snap on about your problem.


    • Cawe
      Junior Member
      • Jul 2019
      • 2

      Thank you. I am going to read it. I puted model and year.

      "Ford Explorer 91 - 94"


      • Joe Rappa
        Snap-on DSD
        • Aug 2007
        • 2057

        The Ford 1A adapter will read data just fine on those EECIV systems.
        You don't need anything else.
        "You don't build a reputation on what you're going to do"
        Henry Ford