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  • Steve6911
    • Feb 2007
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    Make sure your Mazda is not a medium speed can car. Mazda's website states these vehicles cannot be programmed with a J2534 device.



    • badcoupe
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2011
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      Mazda can be a pain and there are some that can't be done. I've done two now. GM Ford Kia and honda I've had no issues with other than not being able to do the honda keys. I do our local chrysler dealers non chrysler vehicle service so when I need one done I let them do it for me.


      • MASTERMECH48
        Junior Member
        • Oct 2010
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        Pass thru OOOOPPPSSS

        Originally posted by dp1mat
        We just bought one of these 2 weeks ago. We bought it mainly to reflash Chrysler products. I had a 2000 Concorde it wouldn't flash the pcm but flashed the tcm however my modis didn't communicate with pcm either and I had no 5v ref on anything. I bought a pcm preflashed and car fixed. We had a 2003 1ton dodge I couldn't flash the pcm but it flashed tcm. Today I had a 2005 or 2006 1 ton dodge, complaint of trans shifting funny intermittent no codes, checked the pcm # and found a updated flash for trans shift strategy. Well I download the flash reflash the computer and it sort of hangs at the end says error no communication with bus. I start vehicle it dies, start it again dies. Scan it and it needs vin programmed and the skim relearned needless to say I am upset. Call Snap-On they say it is not their problem its Chrysler problem and that I need call Chrysler yea sure. I then tell Snap-On they need to put a note on their web page stating it doesn't work with Dodge and we get into it. Tell him I bought the thing to flash dodges and whats the use of having to flash it when it will still need to be finished at dealer. Seriously considering sending it back to snap-on. I then find out this about the Pass Thru Pro 2

        We are investigating an issue with 2003-2007 Dodge Ram vehicles equipped with Cummins engines. After programming this vehicle, the VIN is lost and the vehicle will not start. Until this problem is resolved, we suggest that technicians avoid reprogramming this vehicle with the website.

        Flash Chryslers at you own risk!
        At this news flash I would think that SNAP-ON would be on the hook for reprogramming the vehicles affected by this short comming


        • Joe Rappa
          Snap-on DSD
          • Aug 2007
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          That's like being mad at the TV manufacturer because your cable company doesn't carry the show you want. The device works fine. Chrysler, and many other manufacturers, have constant troubles with their flash programming software. Like every Tech, I sure wish it wasn't like this, but it is. It's not the fault of the device though.

          "You don't build a reputation on what you're going to do"
          Henry Ford


          • Witsend
            • Nov 2012
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            My prediction is the tool is just going to become obsolete because you will no longer be able to add files , only be able to get a reimage of a completely new vehicle operating system at the dealer and the updates done to the system wirelessly wilth the vehicles parked in the dealer service lots.


            • epilot_06
              Junior Member
              • Nov 2015
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              pass thru pro/ NG chrysler

              In response to to the Chrysler issue/Pass thru pro 2. I Purchased the pass thru pro 2 about a year ago and have had no issues programming Ford , GM and 2003 and older Chrysler. I have not been able to program any NG Chrylser. I called snap on about three different Chry NG vehicles and they sent me to tech authority for support.(tech authority support? lol jajaja) I farmed out all three and I don't believe that the pass thru pro is capable. If some one has any evidence that the pass thru does Chry NG. Please come forward, because I wanna talk to you..... O one more thing. I replaced a PCM in 2012 f250 6.7 diesel. No problem flashing but the pass thru pro 2 doesn't have the capability of programming injector values. So again I farmed it out to complete the programming.


              • Witsend
                • Nov 2012
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                i thought all Chrysler s now are "NFG" ? First post on the forum and you're already b@tchin like you been here for years.LOL Welcome


                • Baddodge
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                  • Jan 2019
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                  For Cummins only

                  In our club we have a person that sells a Smarty that will flash the PCU, and ECM to make them work right. Bob Wagner has walked into the Dodge dealer and has brought the truck to life again and the dealer wasn't able to do it. The dealer was in uyter disbelief of what he saw.


                  • diagtech5221
                    Junior Member
                    • May 2020
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                    To flash modules other than ECM/TCM or PCMs you need a pass thru device capable of J2534-2 programming, I don't believe the PTP2 supports this... Either the cardaq 3 or the PTP3 can accomplish this or a factory tool.... Always research before you buy and understand what you can and can't do with any particular tool regardless of price.