HELP (sos) solus sd corruption

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  • binsulayiem
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2015
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    Thaks friends for help
    iam going to keep the legend in the box and keep using maxidas ds708 and launch x431


    • chaskuss
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      • Dec 2009
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      My bad

      Originally posted by chaskuss
      He can buy a brand new 512 Mb CompactFlash card with 14.4 software bundle on it, direct from Snap On, if the worst comes to the worst. Unfortunately, that won't be at "minimal cost". Then he can put the old CF card in the top CF slot and use it for storing data.
      I'm wondering if he installed his software CF card in the top slot, instead of in the left side slot. If he did that, the Modis may well have erased all the software data files.
      My post above is irrelevant, as I forgot that he has a Solus Ultra. My comments relate only to the older Modis Elite.

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      • mitricanic
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        • Dec 2012
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        If you push Y and N buttons simultaneous an push and hold start button for a few seconds you enter service menu. Here you select GEP2011 and the scanner will load whatever is available. If that is not working you probably erased all data.


        • Dashinoku
          • Aug 2016
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          some one should clone a fresh update card and see if itll boot on any scanner... if it work we could fix a couple of legacy scanners and get them up to date
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          • cornelio13
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            • Jan 2018
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            Originally posted by binsulayiem
            Yes I tried recuva software , It recovered to many files including intilising license file but that was poor recovering especially for the license file , most of files was excellent recovered !
            But the tool still can't boot from the card .
            my tool doesn't have 2 slots .only 1

            I have the same problem, I would know if you did can solve it, or a least archive get the files show in this link.


            • gfuchikami
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              • May 2008
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              Part of the confusion is that he keeps referring to SD card. To my knowledge, no Solus variants ever used an SD card. The original Solus used 2 CF cards, the Pro used 1 CF card for data storage as all programming software was stored internally (no removeable card for updates) and the Solus Ultra used 1 microSD card. I suspect his uses the microSD card. I would contact Snap-On to find how to correct the issue; perhaps he could just send them the card and they'll offer to replace it with the same version software for a nominal fee.


              • Eddieod1956
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                • May 2018
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                Ultrs Solus

                I have a Solus Ultra and it turns on and starts the boot possess and then locks up. also will only turn n with it plugged in no battery turn on. plz help


                • Witsend
                  • Nov 2012
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                  I have a Solus Ultra and it turns on and starts the boot possess and then locks up. also will only turn n with it plugged in no battery turn on. plz help
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                  Sounds like it has a bad battery for starters. Maybe a cheap portable 12 V external lith ion battery that has a connector that fits the AC charge adapter port could stabilize the voltage better than just plugging in the AC power adapter.
                  If that don't work, see what tech support can offer in the way of help with your device. You do not want to buy a new battery and a new update now and then find out you still need to send the unit out for repair when you could have upgraded. Ask Snappy Tech support if they can guide you on what you can do to get a fresh install of your existing hardware level and see if you can get thing to working right without issue before buying a new battery and updating
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                  • Lukas
                    Junior Member
                    • Jun 2024
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                    Hello, does anyone of you have a copy of the micro SD memory card?